Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jeffrey Dummett's Questionable Qualifications

In a comment left about the death of Mr Vecko Kreteski under the care of naturopath Jeffrey Dummett, I was told to get my facts straight. The comment then proceeds to explain some of Mr. Dummett’s past and lists his educational qualifications, memberships and accomplishments.

There was so much to be written and explained about the comment, I thought it best to do this via a fresh post, rather than add to the comments. Actually, this will take several posts to expose the lies, deception and misinformation contained in the comment.

Posts on this subject will appear from time to time as I take the time to try and track down some of the more obscure qualifications and memberships. Many of those claimed on behalf of Mr Dummett do not appear to exist. I may also have to take time out to deal with the threatened law suits for writing about Mr Dummett. Then again, that’s a simple case of laugh, print a copy for entertainment purposes and file, so it won't take long.

I will also try to keep readers updated on the progress of the court case as Mr Dummett faces manslaughter charges over the death of Vecko Kreteski. Finally, I'd like to thank the people who have been trying to silence me and defend the indefensible. Every now and then I need a reinvigoration of motivation, which has now been supplied.


At Thursday, September 27, 2007 3:37:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems indescribable that people are desperate to discredit others without any truth of the matter.

Why does Dr Jeffrey Dummett ND, PHD, MA. make this statement?

The facts are simple for a child to understand. I have posted on your website my qualifications and in total the hours and subjects studied.

Deceptively you have not included crucial qualifications from Loma Linda University, CA, USA and other medical institutions which impressively out weigh any naturopathic curriculm offered here in Australia. (remember the plight of Richard Carlton 60 Minutes)


I may have decided to complete my Naturopathic qualifications from a Non Goverment Australian non -medical institution and obtained a piece of paper that reads "Naturopath" with abreviating curriculums advocating hocus pocus Numerology, Clairvoyancy etc.

No Mr Paine I went to a registed Medical Alternative Medicine University in America and obtained credentials that are paramedical.

Thankyou for allowing the testimony of the crippled little girl healed through the medical ministry I conducted where Mr Vecko Kresteski passed. As you are now aware I have been cleared of any wrong doing in regards to the treatment.

Unfornately the media are only happy to report the sensational aspects of an natural event of death.

When will medicine see that alternative medicine can too cater for those who are in their last hours of hope. Alternative medicine
does not just cater for the common cold as you may aspire.

Mr Paine do you have any notion what medical procedures were used prior to the antibiotic age?

Please do some serious investigation and I beleive you too one day will become a believer.


At Friday, September 28, 2007 12:16:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I represent Daydream Island located in Witsunday Islands Queensland. My Position is manager of the resort where I met Mr Dummett 2002 who I beleive to be a good man.

I know this personally due to an incidence of a young boy drowning in our newly constructed pool.

Mr Dummett and the joint owner of the Daydream resort worked on this 5 year old boy with CPR and mouth to mouth revivial techniques.

Thankfully the boy survived and is alive today.

Mr Dummett and his wife were invited on Vaughn Bullivants Yacht the next day and enjoyed a plesant day scouting the deep.

At Thursday, October 11, 2007 10:09:00 am, Blogger Kevin Paine said...

If the anonymous multiple poster is Mr. Dummett (Sorry, but I reserve the Dr. for real doctors) then I thank you for taking the time to respond.

When it came to the list of qualifications that were provided, I chose to check the ones that were easiest to verify. As a registered triathlete, I knew who to contact to check the claim of being a medical nutritionist at Noosa 2004. This was confirmed as being false by the event organisers.

When the first claim I check is false, do I really need to check all of the others to prove that your word cannot be trusted?

At Friday, October 12, 2007 3:57:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have purposefully written a non-truth concerning Jeffrey Dummett not being officially active at the NOOSA 2004 triathlon.

Did you phone Andrew Hogg who is also the Physiotherapist for the Australian Olympics Ski Team.

Andrew is a personal friend of mind
and like every triathlon event in NOOSA Andrew runs his business personally to have a tent on site to officially attend to those who are in need of Hydration, Sports Aid etc. Come on KEV give me a break like break your foot if you dont stop saying false stuff about someone you dont know from a bar of soap.

Oh by the way, that soap can be used effectivly to wash the filth from your mouth.

At Monday, December 01, 2008 10:30:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Jeffrey Dummett?(tall poppy syndrome)

An accomplished Natural Medicine Doctor with over 16 years of professional experience within medical and allied health profession with master diploma and post graduate diploma in health science. Authored numerous complex technical and scientific publications. The applicant has travelled extensively around the world establishing strategic partnerships and relationships to increase channel reserve.- America, Fiji, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri lanka, Spain, Germany, Sweden. Served with expertise in cross-geographical team coordination to engineer effective solutions that drive company growth and technological innovation. Qualifications and professional experience are at tertiary levels and include high-level communication with both global and local Governmental officials.

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Corporate Campaign Project Consultant
Leukemia Foundation is an non-profit organisation committed to ongoing funding for vital research into the causes, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment, psychosocial impact and ultimately cures for leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Through our National Research Program, we have established the PwC Foundation Leukaemia and Lymphoma Tissue Bank and the Leukaemia Foundation Research Laboratory at the Queensland Institute for Medical Research. We also fund research grants, scholarships and fellowships for talented researchers. In 2006, the Leukaemia Foundation has committed more than $2 million in research funding.
Rotary is a worldwide organization of more than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders. Members of Rotary clubs, known as Rotarians, provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. There are over 32,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Clubs are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds. As signified by the motto Service Above Self, Rotary’s main objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Contributed to raising $170,000 - 2007 Financial Year.

2006 – 2007 Dr Baumann Australia
Acted as medical consultant for importation of spa and skin cosmetic products from Dr Baumann Germany to over 60 Spa Professionals listed under the ASPA (Australian Spa Association). Evaluating quality and performance through response times, call-backs, customer satisfaction surveys and associated procedures. Planned and allocated budgets and manpower resources to promote cost-effective administration and workforce optimization.
Key Achievements
Transformed an under-producing sales team, immediately resolving local problems, and instituting incentives that elevated performance while helping morale and motivation.
Re-established field evaluations and inspections to monitor employee efficiency.
Leveraged outstanding public speaking and interpersonal skills to recruit and select quality workers to advance organizational objectives.

1996 – 2006 Research Institute of Diet, Disease & Prevention

Sales Director for innovative Medical Research. Escalated potential infancy sale from $50, 000,000 to
$100, 000,000. Recruitment involved hiring, training and supervising over 30 medical personal and research candidates during operation procedures. Oversaw publishing and distribution of research data while maintaining marketing strategy nationally over four states NSW, SA, QLD, ACT. Created projects with a quality of innovated ideas to address heightened sales. Using the realm of IT technology and public relations successful outcomes was achieved as forecasted.

Scientific Laboratory with advanced Audio-Visual Media Station
The commandeering of Microsoft Office
Professional Web Design
Business Accounting
Personal Software Design
Championed Corporate Advertising Campaigns with speaking engagements
High Level Negotiation with Government in varied offices.

Personal Software Design-
Due to the new diagnostic parameters being developed the microbiological research market required a Data Base program to be engineered using Fox Pro engineering database software.

Corporate Advertising Campaign
The stain project sought many avenues to promote its existence among the public and to objectively make customers see this new innovative alternative medicine procedure helping millions of people find health alternate to the obtrusion of powerful pharmaceutical drug medication. National health Magazines specializing in alternate health were targeted and aggressive marketing tools was initiated.

Negotiation with Government in varied offices.
The Research Industry required high-level communication with Governmental officials. Australian Taxation Department, The Department of Fair Trading, Therapeutics Goods Administration. And The Patents and Trade Mark Authorities.

Strategic Relationships Formed

Health Lassen Foundation, San Diego USA Protein & Amino Acid Research
Loma Linda University USA Department of Public Health and Nutrition Food elements and disease
Poland Springs Health Institute, Maine USA Lifestyle medicine, Cancer and Intravenous Vitamin C
Loma Linda University USA Department of Physical Medicine – Thermotherapy in Hydropathic Medicine
Adelaide Biologics Research Centre Live Blood Analysis & heitan-LeGarde- Blood Test
Hemalogical Research Institute of studies Hemaveiw Analysis
Research Institute of Diet, Disease & Prevention Fluorescence Blood Microspy & Biological Terrain Analysis
Advanced Institute For Naturopathic Medicine Qld Founder of Education Curriculum Fluorescence Blood Microspy
Colonial War Memorial Hospital Fiji Department of Pathology Mycoplasma Bacteria and disease cycles
Arizona Academy of Osteopathic Medicine Deep Muscle Ligament & Tendon Therapy
Advanced Institute For Naturopathic Medicine Qld – 1996-2005 Educated students in the field of Sports Medicine. A post graduate course was taught. Naturopaths and Naturopathic students are now using the research and diagnostic principles accomplished by research conducted at that time.
1989 – 2008 Clinical Physician

Empirical Medical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist specialising in Family Naturopathic Medicine and Physical Medicine for Athletic Performance. As a practitioner of extraordinary talents para-medical studies has led him to work with renowned Surgeons from Loma Linda University California U.S.A.
California’s 2nd Largest Medical School in the western Hemisphere

Professional Medical Services offering the following

Naturopathic Medicine
Vegetarian Cooking Classes, Nutritional Foods & Dietetic Counselling, Quality 100% Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation, Herbal Fluid Raw Extract Prescription, (Chinese, Western, India) Ayurvedic Nutrition & Herbal Medicine, pH Blood Analysis & Dried Blood Analysis, ABO Blood Assessments, Urine & Saliva pH Assessments, Multi Media Iridology Analysis, Intensive Detoxification Programs.
Physical Medicine
Hydrozone, 03-Oxygen Sauna, Sacro Cranial Technique, Aromatherapy Massage (France), Zen senmar Massage (Japan), Thai Massage (Thailand) Orthopaedic Sports Massage (USA) Reflexology


Diploma of Medical Herbalism, D.MH (1998)
New Castle University, NSW (review Southern Cross Herbal School section)

Post Graduate Diploma of Nutritional Biochemistry (2000)
Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine
Certified by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Masters Degree Public Health Practice, MPH (2007)
Loma Linda University California USA (currently Studying)

Skilled with PC Windows XP Professional. MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), Adobe Photoshop
Coral, Studio DC 10 Professional Audio-Visual Editing, Fox Pro Web Creator.

2004 Personal Trainer - World Title Championships Traditional Thai Martial Arts
The year 2004 the WMC (World Muaythai Council) invited me to accompany Australian Muaythai Martial Arts as one of two Sports Medicine Consultants for the World Title Championships. Sixty Nine nationalities from around the world represented their countries at this event in Bangkok Thailand. Two young contestants from our local K6 Gym received silver metals. It was a great honour to know that my skills were of use. When practicing in Noosa Sunshine Coast I was the personal nutritional consultant for Bruce Mcphie who is the current Australian Middle Weight Champion.

2004 Noosa Triathlon
Having a personal interest in endurance running I recently had the opportunity of incorporating my skills along side The Medic and Physiotherapy Team at the 2004 Noosa Triathlon held in Noosa Queensland, an international event held on the Sunshine Coast Australia. This was an opportunity to mix with qualified medical Staff and personal as well as meet national and international sporting competors. The skills at this international venue required alertness and administration of medicine for acute injuries ascertained through sporting events ie swimming, cycling and running. Leading our Physiotherapy Team was Peter Hogg. Peter is currently the Physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic Ski Team.

2005 Work Directions Sunshine Coast Qld
Motivational Speaker Michael White of Life Directions and Queensland Government organization “Work Directions” (Caloundra) invited my skills to assist with Personality Type Dynamics. The series of talks covers the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health and how these affect our relationships in every day life.
Adopted concepts is useful in Staff Developments, Management Problems. Leadership Awareness, Recruitment, Conflict Resolution. Personal Development.
College and University Attendance
Brief Overview Completed six Graduate & Post Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Nutrition, Medical Herbalism, Sports Medicine, and Hydrotherapy. Darkfield and phase contrast microscopy including · 14 Certified Courses in Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition & Environmental Medicine, Advanced Sports Massage Therapy & Orthopaedic Sports Massage Therapy, Clinical Nutrition. Clinical Hydrotherapy

1990 Queensland Institute of Natural Science – Sales and Business Principles, Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Application of Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Sports First Aid, Aromatherapy
Qualifications - Certificate of Swedish Massage, Certificate of Remedial Massage.

1991 Loma Linda University California USA – Anatomy and Physiology, Practice and Principles of Hydrotherapy
Qualifications - Certificate of Thermotherapy

1991 Banning Health Institute Banning USA - Anatomy and Physiology, Practice and Principles of Hydrotherapy
Qualifications - Certificate of Hydropathic Medicine

1992 Health Schools Australia – Qualifications Diploma of Swedish massage

1993 Poland Springs Health Institute, Maine USA – Clinical Nursing, Vegetarian Cooking School, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Hydrotherapy, Medical Research in field of Arthrosc lerosis, Cancer and Diabetes. Qualifications - Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine

1993 Desert Hot Springs Health institute, Desert Hot Springs California – Qualifications Diploma of Therapeutic Massage

1993 Loma Linda University California USA Department of Public Health and Nutrition – Qualifications Certified Public Health Counsellor in Nutrition

1993 Accredited Massage Instructor/Association Of Remedial Masseurs (A.R.M.) – Qualifications Certificate Education

1994 Australian Sports Medicine Federation – Anatomy and Physiology, Sports First Aid Qualifications – Certificate of First Aid

1994 Australian Sports Medicine Federation – Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Trainer Qualifications – Sports Trainer Certificate # 1

1994 Sports Massage Training Institute California USA – Post Graduate Certificate Techniques from Arizona Academy of Osteopathy

1995 Advanced School Of Natural Therapeutics (S.N.T.A.) - Diploma of Herbal Medicine

1996 Research Institute of Diet, Disease & Prevention improvised infrastructure for the first Alternate Medical Research Institute for Naturopathic Medicine in Australia

1996 Adelaide Biologics Research Centre – Qualifications Certificate of Live Blood Pathology, Dried blood Pathology

1996 Blackmores Herbal School – Qualifications Certificate of Celloid Biochemistry, Certificate of Advanced Celloid Biochemistry

1996 Southern Cross Herbal University (New Castle University) – Qualifications Post Graduate Diploma of Phytomedicine

1996 Southern Cross Herbal University (New Castle University) – Qualifications Diploma of Ayuvedic Herbology

Southern Cross Herbal University (New Castle University) - Qualifications - Master Diploma of Medical Herbalism

College of Functional Medicine and Integrative Therapies – Qualifications – Sports Massage Therapy Level 1

College of Functional Medicine and Integrative Therapies – Qualifications – Orthopaedic Remedial Therapies Level 2

Australiasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine – Qualifications Diploma of Nutritional Biochemistry

Medicina Altiva International University Of Complementary Medicine – Qualifications Philosophy Degree (PH.D.)
Medicina Altiva International University Of Complementary Medicine – Qualifications Doctorate of Science (D.Sc)

At Sunday, December 07, 2008 7:48:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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