Saturday, August 27, 2005

5 y.o. Autistic boy dies during chelation therapy

News was released overnight confirming that a 5 year old with Autism, has died during chelation therapy in the U.S.

Chelation is the removal of heavy metals within the body with a binding agent. It is a legitimate therapy that is used in cases of heavy metal poisoning. The anti-vaccinationists and environmental medicine supporters have jumped at this treatment as a method to remove toxins from the body. One of the toxins they claim to be able to remove from the body is mercury, which the anti-vaccinationists claim is used in vaccinations and causes autism.

Their theory is that if mercury causes autism (which it doesn't) then removing the mercury will cure the autism. This leads alternative therapists to use chelation on people who will not get any benefit from the treatment. Chelationists treat for Mercury and other heavy metals without even testing to see if there is an excess amount of the metal in the victim's system.

EDTA, is just one of many chelating agents. This appears to be the agent of choice for many people, despite the fact that it is relatively ineffective in removing mercury. EDTA is administered intraveneously, where the much more effective DSMA is simply taken as a pill. Apart from being able to charge more for an IV treatment then a pill, it is hard to understand why EDTA would have been used.

So, will this needless death stop the chelationists? Not likely! Today I received a copy of an e-mail that is already being sent to medical and alternative practitioners. This e-mail is from a doctor who believes that mercury causes autism and offers EDTA chelation therapy. The letter warns people to ignore the upcoming poor media, claims that there has NEVER been an EDTA death when it is administered correctly and confirms "I hope those who have experience with it in their practice are NOT GOING TO STOP USING it.."

Straight from the horse's mouth. No talk about starting to look at the reality of no link between autism and vaccinations, no talk about not using the outdated and ineffective EDTA, no talk about stopping a practice which has no solid scientific evidence behind it.

"There is only one truth. How we interpret that truth is called belief."
"The existence of belief does not indicate the prescence of truth"

As further information comes to light and as I complete further research, this topic will be updated.


At Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:16:00 am, Blogger Therese Kam said...

hie. thanks for droppingby. =)

At Monday, October 08, 2007 5:11:00 am, Blogger Filipok said...

The problem with your article is that you obviously have not researched the pathology of the children that are chelation candidates (1 in 150 children now). Had you done your homework, you would have understood that the vast majority of these children have a high body burden of mercury, lead and other chemicals.

The underlying issue is NOT that mercury causes autism, it is that these kids apparently have a genetic mutation that allows them to be susceptible to mercury toxicity (which, by the way, is identical to symptoms ASD). It is an immune system implosion caused by the toxins in our environment, capped off by thimerosal in vaccines and over three times the number vaccinations than the baby boomer generation bad. If you'll do a little research prior to your posting your vapid little article regarding chelation, you'd understand the known chemical characteristics of children afflicted with ASD.

Also, try not to be so knee jerk in your analysis. It is remarkably similar to that of most main stream media that cover Brittany Spears and O.J. 24/7.

good luck!

At Thursday, October 11, 2007 9:28:00 am, Blogger Kevin Paine said...


Thanks for leaving a comment. I have undertaken some research, but have relied mainly on the research provided by medical experts.

If there are 1 in 150 who have this high mercury burden, why have the numbers not fallen since thimerosal was removed from vaccines? Did that genetic mutation suddenly change? Which gene is responsible for the higher susceptibility to mercury toxicity?

Why did an independent expert panel research, investigate the non existant mercury autism link and then confirm that the two are not related?

There are times when chelation is the correct treatment. One example is when a child consumes a large amount of iron supplements mistaking then for sweets. However, there is no conclusive evidence that chelation for ASD is effective. To use this treatment on children is a huge danger when compared to the potential reward of zero.

I suggest that you need to look at research by reputable scientists, not the anti-vaccine pseudo-science propaganda.

At Tuesday, October 16, 2007 4:41:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin the problem of why autism rates have not declined is that the use of thimerosal is still going on, don’t believe me take a look the CDC web site for flu shots for 2007, its true you can get specific immunizations with out mercury but you can also still get thimerosal biased drugs.
Also it came out some years ago that instead of the drug companies just throwing away the old thimerosal biased drugs that were proven to hurt children they used all the stored supplies till they were gone so they could save money.

Kevin I also agree with Filipok that you need to do your homework prior to spewing out nonsensical garbage that you clearly have no knowledge in


At Thursday, December 27, 2007 2:08:00 am, Anonymous filipok said...


As the father of an autistic child, I assure you that my research has been impeccable. Aside from the fact that thimerosal has not been removed from all childhood vaccines like the flu shot and a few others, had you read my post, you'd have understood that environmental mercury is also a major factor.

Aside from that, how do you explain the fact that once these children's body burden of mercury, lead etc. decline, they begin to speak, socialize..ergo, develop normally?

The majority of the ASD cases that are causing the epidemic are termed 'regressive autism'. My child was developing normally and regressed within days of the flu shot. My pediatrician didn't give me a non-thimerosal based alternative (as some doctors will). My son (Aiden) quit talking for two months. My wife recognized the problem immediately with our doctors help, began improving his glutathione levels which helped him naturally detox. A year later, Aiden is using 3-5 word sentences. We still have a ways to go as his mercury burden is still above average, but he is healing.

To address your concerns about kids eating things in the house that they shouldn't, a good parent keeps things out of reach.. that goes for household cleaners, rat poisons etc.

Also, as far as them mutation, think of it in these terms. The mutation is the gun, environment loads it and pulls the trigger. In other words, the susceptibility has been there all along. It is man's pollution of the environment, vaccines, etc. that are displaying this trait in them now.

At Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:18:00 pm, Anonymous Deanna said...

Here is something to think about: Much of our grains are grown in high selenium soils such as are in South Dakota and Nebraska. Animals who graze these lands usually get selenosis. High protein grains are the worst culprits. Soybeans, Canola, Flax, and more. High selenium grains and additives are pushed to cows like you wouldn't believe, also to all other animals that we eat.
Now, Chronic selenosis can cause CNS problems. I have seen it with my own eyes and documented it when my sows were fed their normal ration made by Purina Mills. Some, not all, of the piglets started shaking when the sows milk selenium level went up. One piglet (not shaking) even kept walking into the wall until it got tired and went to lay down.
So, now think of how much might be in cows milk (depending on what is fed at that particular dairy)nobody knows, or at least I cannot find any regular testing done. Then you have Soy milk for kids with cow milk allergies. This could also be made with the same soybeans grown in the same high selenium soils as the cows and pigs food.
Now, think about this: Selenium does not affect all in the same way, it comes out in the body in different places by chance. Some might get brittle nails, some might get hair loss, but by no means does it always cause both at the same time. The body could get liver failure before any other symptoms show. With the biggest problem being that the Doctors don't put 2+2 together because the symptoms don't look related.
Now, it wouldn't surprise me that Autistic children would be high in heavy metals. Which one is the actual culprit? My money is on the Selenium.
Selenium at very low levels accumulate in the organs. It is well studied in livestock, but it used to be a disease of animals grazing in seleniferous soil areas.
Now that grains are being grown in these areas and being shipped all over the world, we have much to be afraid of. But still, most Doctors wouldn't recognize it and the FDA is worthless as they don't regulate the grains. They only regulate the addition of selenium.
Now, put together mother taking prenatal vitamins with selenium in them, eating all the food with selenium in it, then the child is born with high levels already. Then you give it more in the milk of your choice, more in the vitamins, cereal, and who knows what else. By the time the child is old enough for vaccinating, it is probably toxic with chronic selenosis.
My experience with the pigs is that once the damage is done, you may or may not be able to recover.
Not all soils are created equal, not all bodies are created equal, and selenium comes out where ever it decides to come out.
In the pigs I saw, cracked nails, loss of hair, liver failure, kidney failure, loss of use of limbs, reproductive failure, aborting, birth defects, seizures, shaking, agressive behavior, errosion of bones, I saw it go through the mothers milk and cause piglets to go haywire. I saw piglets born affected and shake so bad they couldn't nurse. I saw piglets affected after they were 1 week old, 2 weeks old, 3 weeks old, etc. I saw some not affected at all. I have documentation of everything I am telling you.
Please, somebody take what I am telling you and do something.
You can contact me at

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