Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mercury Rising???

Those who believe the false claim that the mercury used in dental amalgams causes all manner of illnesses, including autism have long promoted a video that they claim shows the mercury vapour being given off by a tooth.

The tooth is warmed to 37C in a water bath. Ultraviolet light is used with a fluorescent screen to show the "mercury vapour". The vapour absorbs the ultrviolet light, which then shows on the flourescent screen. For those who have seen the video it looks pretty conclusive. That is until you start to look at some of the science behind the claim.

Mercury vapour is not the only gas that absorbs ultraviolet light. Water vapour just happens to be another gas that absorbs UV light strongly.

The gas from the tooth rises, whereas mercury is very heavy. Jim Laidler provided the following calculations:

Mercury has a very high molecular weight (200 grams per mole) when compared with the nitrogen (28 grams per mole) and oxygen (32 grams per mole) that make up the atmosphere. Water, on the other hand, has a molecular weight of only 18 grams per mole.

Now, bear with me.

When molecules vaporize, the volume they fill depends on the number of molecules and their temperature. At standard temperature and pressure (STP - one atmosphere and 0 degrees C), that volume is 22.414 liters per mole. At room temperature (20 degrees C), the volume expands to 24.055 liters per mole. (at 37 degrees C - body temperature - it is 25.452 liters per mole) Whether a gas will rise or sink depends on the difference (if any) between that gas and the surrounding gas. Hot air rises because the same mass of "air molecules" expands to fill a larger volume. Since density is mass divided by volume, the hot air is less dense than the surrounding cooler air and so rises.

Since air is a mixture of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen (and a few other gasses), it has an "averaged" molecular weight of 28.8 grams per mole.

Therefore, its density at room temperature is:
28.8 grams per mole / 24.055 liters per mole = 1.20 grams per liter

Water vapor at 37 degrees C has a density of:
18 grams per mole / 25.452 liters per mole = 0.71 grams per liter
Water vapor at 37 degrees C will rise in room temperature air, as a result.

Mercury vapor at 37 degrees C:
200 grams per mole / 25.452 liters per mole = 7.86 grams per liter

In layman's terms, what Mr. Laidler is showing is that mercury vapour is much heavier than the normal air, where water vapour is lighter. If this was mercury, the gas would sink, not rise. If we have a rising vapour coming from a tooth in heated water, then what we are seeing is water vapour, NOT mercury vapour.

If the anti-amalgam proponents are peddling false information about what gas is rising from the tooth in their video, what else are they saying that is untrue?

"There is only one truth. How we interpret that truth is called belief."
"The presence of belief, does not indicate the existence of truth."


At Friday, August 05, 2005 8:51:00 pm, Anonymous JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski said...

Thanks for the helpful bit from Jim Laidler. You referred to him as "Mr. Laidler", though. He is Dr. Laidler. I know that in the world of fighting healthfraud, we run into any number of folks who use the term "doctor" very loosely, but Jim is the real deal. (Anesthesiologist in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and generous public educator.)

At Wednesday, May 14, 2008 12:52:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so tired of people spreading ignorant lies about the safety of mercury fillings. I was chronically ill since a child without any proper answers or diagnosis as to why I was dying a slow painful death. I dropped to 78 pounds by the age of 27. I was "diagnosed" with incurable stomach paraylsis and Lupus. When my amalgams were removed these two "incurable" diseases magically became cured. I nearly died. Over the span of 17 years I had over 50 body symptoms and wished for a quick death. Every metal filling in my mouth was rotted underneath (only 5). DUH. Metals expand and contract. And mercury leaches out over time...that is why they darken as time goes on. The mercury goes into the body, not out your mouth. Metallic bonds are also weak. Chemistry 101 class taught me this basic simple rule. My father died mysteriously and suffered the duration of his life. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis a supposed incurable disease with no "known" cause. I discovered I was mercury poisoned by my mercury fillings. I suspect my father died from mercury fillings as well. Mercury fillings has already killed millions and is slowly but surely poisoning millions more. People who spread misinformation such as yourself is doing a tremdous diservice to the public. I suggest you read indisputable evidence as well as the thousands of scientific peer-reviewed studies proving mercury fillings causes many (over 150 so far) debilitating diseases with supposedly no known causes or cures. I have personally witnessed people being cured of terrible diseases such as Parkinson's, by removing this toxic poison from their mouths and bodies. I have yet to find even ONE legitimate scientific study that is not formulated by a machine of lies, false reporting, and misinformation. Of course, there are billions of dollars at stake. There is a strong motivation for people to lie...particularly doctors, dentists, and the federal government. After all, who wants responsiblity for causing the biggest health epidemic in America. The pharmaceutical industry would suffer since millions of people with diseases can be cured. DUH. What has been cured in the past 20-30 years that is not bacterial and viral. The ignorance of people simply overwhelms me at times. The American Dental Association and people who think they are doctors and promote the use of this insidious poison deserve consequences for the deaths and misery of so many innocent victims. What have so many so-called doctors been studying when they supposedly become educated? Obviously drugs, drugs, and more drugs without legitimate answers anmd cures. Doctors are drug pushers - not concerned with cures but temporary symptom relief. Don't feel lonely, the vast majority of medical doctors are down right ignorant. I mean you guys studied drugs for 8 years, not cures. The majority of medical doctors in this country are obviously too lazy to do any research, or perhaps read and lack the most basic understanding of the human body. I just have a Biology degree and it isn't hard for me to understand the TRUTH - mercury amalgams poison people. I am writing a book entitled "American Syndrome"...all about the millions of people suffering and the liars who wish to keep it that way. To me...the current American Medical system is the true fraud. Most medical doctors are not professional and wish to continue to have their pockets lined with a multitude of "incurable" diseases. One day, the American public will see the light and the mercury promoters will be seen as the quacks they are. Geez, you guys would really hate to lose millions of clientle, huh? Not to mention the legal responsibilty for allowing people to suffer and die. If you ever decide to become truly educated please read scientific studies.
- Elena Grey (crusader against pro-mercury scammers and liars)

At Monday, December 07, 2009 2:07:00 pm, Anonymous Freya Koss said...

Could you please assist me. I would like to contact Elena Grey who posted a comment in 2008 to Mercury Rising???" I was also diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and recovered after having my fillings removed by a mercury-free dentist. I developed double vision and drooping eyelids seven days after having amalgam fillings removed and a new one placed.

I would like to help others who have deveoped similar conditions.

Please help me contact Elena Grey.

Thank you.
Freya Koss

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