Saturday, October 02, 2004

"Auntie Who?"

Australian Television viewers may remember the response by a primary school child to his mother telling him that her tea was packed with anti-oxidants. "Auntie Who?"

It would be hard not to watch television, listen to radio or read a magazine without stumbling across the idea that anti-oxidants help to combat free radicals and reduce the chances of getting cancer.

This theory has been tested through the use of placebo controlled trials and found to be as truthful as most vitamin claims. Another case of health fraud.

In a review of 14 studies involving 170,000 people, tests have shown that taking the most common vitamin based anti-oxidants (Vitamins A, C, E, Beta Carotene and selenium) does not reduce the rate of cancer. In fact, Beta Carotene actually increases the risk of contracting lung cancer.

This report should have responsible SCAM peddlers ceasing to use the free radicals & anti-oxidant stories to sell their vitamin capsules. Sorry, I should have realised, that if they were responsible, they wouldn't be involved in an industry that specifically peddles treatments for which there is no evidence of efficacy.

Somehow I suspect that this story will be met with the usual claims of a conspiracy by "Big Pharma" to keep making money while watching people die, rather than allow the cheap and effective "natural" cure to cut into their profit.

I also suspect that some unscientific twaddle printed in a SCAM sheet masquarading as a medical journal will soon appear that refutes this latest study. Why not? I have already seen these so-called journals declare that praying has been proven to cure, even if the person didn't know they were recieving the prayers. I have seen people calling for the release and compensation to be paid to Yurko and any other child killers charged with shaking their babies to death. Many still continue to support the ultimate in stupidity, homeopathy.

The only thing that distilled water (i.e. homeopathy) has ever cured is thirst.


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