Saturday, September 18, 2004

No license, No education, No training & No idea

In Australia, if you want to start a health fraud business and become a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, Reiki healer or any other SCAM practice (excluding chiropractors) you need to have what is listed in today’s topic title.

That's right. No license, no education and no training. The law allows anyone who is breathing to start up a SCAM practice in this country. Anyone with a basic knowledge of science and anatomy will realise that these people also have no idea.

The reason that SCAM is unregulated is that the health department recognise that SCAM does not form part of the medical system. There is a prohibition against people other than doctors diagnosing patients. To avoid this, SCAM practice is to "advise" that the person is suffering from vague conditions that are not recognised illnesses.

The foremost bogus diagnosis is the ever-faithful deficiency of the immune system or the presence of toxins. In this situation it can be enlightening to ask which part of the immune system is depressed. Is it the lymphatic system? T Cells? B Cells? Can they name the toxins.

It is highly unlikely that this could be answered correctly as your SCAM practitioner would have no idea what half these terms mean. If they do answer, then ask then how they know the exact deficiency or toxin when they have not taken blood tests etc.

Until something is done, we continue to have a system where people with no idea of how the human body works are allowed to peddle useless pills without a license, with no education and no training.
"There is only one truth. How we interpret that truth is called belief." "The presence of belief, does not indicate the existence of truth."


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