Thursday, October 14, 2004

Court to decide fate of brain dead boy - Updated

The parents of Jesse Koochin in the US declared brain dead by doctors have taken court action to have him released into their care so they can have him brought back to life by alternative medicine. His father stated "We believe we can wake him up from the coma using vitamins, minerals, mineral baths."

Jesse had been diagnosed with cancer and had a large cancer removed from the brain. He also had radiation therapy to help fight the remaining cancer.

His parents then took him to Tijuana in Mexico, where "natural medicine" clinics operate without having to comply with US health laws. During his stay in Mexico, he slipped into a coma and his cancer had tripled in size. He returned to the US to see another "holistic" medicine practitioner, which resulted in him getting back into a real medical facility.

Now declared brain dead, the parents want to take him back to Mexico so the alternative medicine clinics can bring him back to life. The doctors have tested for brain activity twice and both tests came back negative. The body has reportedly started decomposing.

This is one of the worst type of health fraud cases and one that occurs more often than people may believe. Tijuana lays claim to a number of alternative medicine clinics that claim to be able to cure cancer, AIDS, autism and every other illness known to man. When all else fails, these clinics will provide false hope. They prey on the grief and desperation of those who are facing death and/or their carers.

There is no evidence that vitamins, minerals and mineral baths are able to cure death. In fact, there is no known cure for death. Anyone claiming to be able to cure death for money is a fraud, a fake and a charlatan. The Tijuana clinics need to be closed down and the people operating them put in jail and the keys thrown away.

I can feel for the parents who wish to see their son back, they are obviously desperate and prepared to do anything to have their son back. I hope the court makes the sensible decision and refuses the parents request.

More information has come to light in this case. After the radiation treatment, the doctors wanted to use chemotherapy to treat the cancer that could not be removed surgically. The parents refused and tried an untested "naturopathic" chemo treatment.

Jesse's parents had published their own web-site promoting how they had used Alternative Medicine to beat the cancer in their son. A google search shows that this site has been promoted as a success story to show how alternative medicine can beat cancer.

While there are a plethora of people who claim to be able to cure cancer with alternative medicine, the reality is less than impressive. The SCAM believers have to keep changing their examples of how their therapy cures cancer, because their victims keep dying.

I am reminded of a quote from Australian cancer surgeon, Dr Crea. Although he refers to breast cancer, the quote is still effective. "There is no alternative therapy to cure a breast cancer. Women can think there is if they like, but they end up dead."

With the size and severity of the cancer, the chances of survival were very low. To shun real medicine for quackery reduced the survival chances to zero.


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