Sunday, September 24, 2006

Triathlon (Dummett claim false)

This weekend was a good one for me. I managed to cut my time for the 10km run down by a fair margin and then continued another 10km at close to my old best time. Now you may be wondering what all this has to do with health fraud. I've been running, cycling and swimming in order to attempt my first triathlon next year. Who knows, one day I may even get to compete the the Noosa International Triathlon.

According to the anonymous comment on an earlier post, Jeffrey Dummett was the medical nutritionist, physical medicine and first aid practitioner for this event in 2004. Having an interest in triathlons, I contacted the people who run the Noosa International Triathlon. Their response is as follows:

We have never had a position as a"Medical Nutritionist" at NOOSA TRIATHLON - and have no record of Jeffrey Dummett being part of the official Medical Team in any of the 23 years of the event.

This is just the first of the many claims that I am currently investigating. A reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote about the coronial inquest noting "Some of his qualifications appeared to have come from "dubious operators", many of which police could not verify existed, the court heard yesterday." This is something that I am familiar with, as I am having trouble tracking down some of the institutions named.

I have managed to track down more of these organisations from the claim, but have yet to receive a response confirming the details I have requested. If the "evidence" provided my Jeffrey Dummett in defending his manslaughter charges is as full of holes as the claims made in the comment on this blog, then I'd suggest Mr. Dummett be ready to spend a long holiday at the expense of the taxpayers.

"There is only one truth. How we interpret that truth is called belief."
"The existence of belief does not indicate the presence of truth."

If anyone is able to assist with information on Jeffrey Dummett and the claims made for him, assistance is more than welcome.
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jeffrey Dummett's Questionable Qualifications

In a comment left about the death of Mr Vecko Kreteski under the care of naturopath Jeffrey Dummett, I was told to get my facts straight. The comment then proceeds to explain some of Mr. Dummett’s past and lists his educational qualifications, memberships and accomplishments.

There was so much to be written and explained about the comment, I thought it best to do this via a fresh post, rather than add to the comments. Actually, this will take several posts to expose the lies, deception and misinformation contained in the comment.

Posts on this subject will appear from time to time as I take the time to try and track down some of the more obscure qualifications and memberships. Many of those claimed on behalf of Mr Dummett do not appear to exist. I may also have to take time out to deal with the threatened law suits for writing about Mr Dummett. Then again, that’s a simple case of laugh, print a copy for entertainment purposes and file, so it won't take long.

I will also try to keep readers updated on the progress of the court case as Mr Dummett faces manslaughter charges over the death of Vecko Kreteski. Finally, I'd like to thank the people who have been trying to silence me and defend the indefensible. Every now and then I need a reinvigoration of motivation, which has now been supplied.