Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dummett Hunter

Australian SCAM practitioner Jeffrey Dummett has been dealt another blow earlier this year with a permanent ban by the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading. Other than being extremely busy over the last couple of years, this escaped my attention as the ban was actually in the name of Jeremiah Jeffrey Hunter.

Mr. Dummett probably decided that the name he was using when charged with the manslaughter of one of his patients was a liability when he moved his business to a new town. As the press release states: "While the life ban is a small win for the sick and desperate who turned to him for help to try and cure their illnesses, it will stop others falling prey to his dubious claims in the future."

While it is a small start, there are still too many charlatans out there who prey on the ill, ignorant and/or desperate.